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Soap and Herbs


Valery Jacobs LLC employs full-time experts and uses advanced tools to locate and eliminate security issues. We take security issues very seriously and are committed to protecting our users' data and private information. In addition, we use SSL/HTTPS to protect our user's data and our website data is encrypted, authenticated and secure.  Please rest assured that we keep very high standards for our data security. 
We also perform regular scans and audits with internal and external teams to maintain our ISO/PCI security certifications. Valery Jacobs LLC has taken the appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure our platform complies with the applicable data protection regulations GDPR. We have well been audited and certified as ISO 27001 compliant, that outlines industry best practices for managing security risks. We maintain our standing in the following compliances such as:

ISO 27001,

ISO 27017,

ISO 27018,




PCI DSS Level 1, and

Valery Jacobs LLC follows Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Our PCI DSS compliance is externally assessed by Comsec Global and is accredited as a level 1 service provider and merchant. Again, please rest assured that we have taken all needed measures to secure our site from external attacks.  Valery Jacobs LLC as a company does everything possible to protect your data and personal information, and to provide high-quality services at any time. If you have any additional questions at all, please feel free to contact us on the Contact Us page of our website.

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